Some of us aren’t meant to experience certain things in life, no matter how much we try to “live it to the fullest.” I want to experience everything, but certain things I never will, no matter how hard I try. I have the choice to jump off a cliff into the water 60 feet off the ground, take a stab at an open mic night, or love to the fullest possibility. But I will never be able to say “my sister” or what it’s like to reminiscence of playing softball in the street with my dad. We’re not meant to experience some things, but that just means we are meant to devote more attention to the things some people can’t or aren’t meant to appreciate. But the beauty of it is the fact that we can share our experiences with others.


are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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If you won’t have sex with somebody because of their…





  • genitals
  • weight
  • race
  • appearance
  • fashion sense
  • career

You are scum. thanks


genitals and appearance are both perfectly good reasons what the hell

So is weight, and pretty much anything somebody has a preference for.

The girl who’s the background of my iPhone’s lock screen, she asked me once “why dont our memories feel real anymore?” And when I began to answer, she said “the best time of our lives are from 16-20.” And when I asked “20?”
She said,
“Yeah, 20.”
And then I began to think… You lose the site of the beauty in the world, like a sunset and a first kiss, when you get old like you forget what it feels like when you first rode the bike on your own. And if it all goes away tomorrow, imperfections and all id say this has been one hell of a ride.